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About – Confirmed Stock No. 1
Confirmed Stock is a pop-up retail concept set to debut in
Baltimore, MD on April 28th, 2012

——— Confirmed Stock exists to encourage and promote a mindful approach to commerce. We believe that hard-earned money is best spent, whenever possible, on well-made products produced by entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators. We believe there’s a sweet spot between “cheap” and “designer” and we’ve set out to both identify and promote the good folks who work in that space. And we’ve seen a need for this to be brought to our city in a tangible way.

The Team: Neal Shaffer / Drexler

Behind this effort you’ll find a group of gents from Baltimore, MD. We all work in the creative field and we all feel passionately about quality stuff. We’d rather spend a little more on something that will last than waste money four times over on something that will let us down (and soon require replacement). We likewise bristle at notions of “fashion” or spending money on something just because it has a name. We’re after quality, plain and simple.

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