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  1. Recap
    The first Confirmed Stock, held on April 28, 2012 at the 2640 Space, was a huge success. Thanks to the 18 amazing brands that were part of it and the hundreds of folks who came out to shop and hang. Stay tuned for an update from us on Confirmed Stock #2.

  2. Brand Profile: Federal
    – A few months ago on a trip to DC, I had the chance to stop by the District's newest (and I'd say best) menswear store, Federal. Everything about Federal feels right from the moment you walk in the door.

  3. Brand Profile: Mister Crow
    — “I just want to keep creating good things for interesting people.” One of the best parts of organizing this first Confirmed Stock has been all of the great conversations I’ve had with the amazing people behind these brands. And even among all these interesting stories, the tale of Mister Crow stands out as truly different. Located [...]

  4. Brand Profile: CXXVI
    – Back in January when we first putting the lineup together, CXXVI was one of the very first brands to say yes. They had little more to go on than our teaser video and an email from me, but they almost immediately replied that they would "absolutely love to be part of this." And to be honest, that was the first time I knew that this thing was viable. If a brand like CXXVI wanted in, why couldn't this thing work?

  5. Brand Profile: Jack Robie
    — “Jack Robie embodies American cool and charisma with a sense of style that is classic and sophisticated.” Jack Robie shirts really stood out to us, not just for their classic style, but for their impeccable fit and attention to detail. Their latest collection, just released this week, continues to build Jack Robie’s reputation as [...]

  6. Brand Profile: Lumina Clothing
    – Way back in February of 2011 when Confirmed Stock was just an idea -- when it didn't even have a name -- Barton at Lumina Clothing was one of the first people to believe in it. In fact, having Lumina here in Baltimore was part of the reason I wanted to do this. I had recently purchased one of their ties and I loved it.

  7. Brand Profile: Almanac Industries
    — “We started Almanac Industries out of an urge to make things with our hands. And make them well.” Despite the focus of our recent brand profiles, Confirmed Stock isn’t just about menswear. It’s also about skilled craftspeople making things from hand. The duo behind Almanac Industries works with both bookbinding and letterpress to create [...]

  8. Brand Profile: Ruell and Ray
    — Dead stock is fabric that is no longer in production. We do this for two main reasons: to make our footprint on the environment smaller and to deliver a truly exclusive product to our clients. In recent months, we’ve been seeing Ruell and Ray pop up all over the place. And when we found out [...]

  9. Brand Profile: Two Inch Cuffs
    In the past month, Two Inch Cuffs has evolved from a lifestyle inspiration site to include a full online shopping experience. Who is Two Inch Cuffs? We'll let them tell you in their own words.

  10. Brand Profile: Randolph Engineering
    This year, Randolph Engineering celebrates its 40th anniversary. How does a brand remain relevant and successful over such a long period of time? If you're Randolph Engineering, you do it by producing the highest quality products possible while delivering stellar customer service each and every day. We had the pleasure of chatting with Mary Waszkiewicz for more on the history and future of this iconic American brand.

Entry No 12

Brand Profile: Two Inch Cuffs
Chris Walbert


Confirmed Stock: Two Inch Cuffs

In the past month, Two Inch Cuffs has evolved from a lifestyle inspiration site to include a full online shopping experience. Who is Two Inch Cuffs? We’ll let them tell you in their own words.

“The advent of the twenty-first century witnessed the death of the traditional American catalog. Gone are the days when one needn’t search hard for the perfect workwear jacket with which to go hunting—the latest Sears, Roebuck & Co. mailing contained the most dependable, highest-quality version of anything a gentleman or lady could want. Two Inch Cuffs can be thought of as a modern version of the reliable catalog, making products of classic brilliance as easily accessible as in previous generations. Through original content and photography, our catalog and journal are meant to inspire those as passionate about distinction in clothing, design, food and travel as we are.”

“The Cuff Shop is a continuation of the principles that have guided Two Inch Cuffs thus far. Our handpicked product selection is not constrained by a definable aesthetic, though it draws upon the principles of American heritage clothing–namely, that inherent quality defines and characterizes style. And like the catalogs of old, the Cuff Shop allows shoppers to rest assured that the products they are buying are, simply put, the best. Iconic, authentic and beautiful, our collection has been handpicked from suppliers who are truly dedicated to their craft. In addition, by maintaining a close collaborative relationship with our suppliers, many products are made expressly for Two Inch Cuffs. Crafted with input from the many creative folks who have lent their passion to this project, our signature items embody the lifestyle that we’ve embraced. We invite you to turn the page.”

Why did you decide to open an online shop? What’s been the reaction so far?

For the last two+ years, we’ve searched for true-to-name brands that really take the initiative in quality, craftsmanship and style. From our catalog to journal, there’s a lengthy list of who we’ve featured. And for us, the next step was curating a collection where our visitors could have the opportunity to purchase items. The reaction has been awesome. The word is spreading and that’s all we could really ask for.

What excites you about what you do?

It’s that first draft of concepts for each season that excites me. Seeing an idea go from composition to reality can be so reassuring. There isn’t a barrier that we won’t find a way to overturn.

How do you decide what brands and products to carry?

Working with a string of men’s merchants combined with people who have years of experience in retail, we handpick items that answer to our theme of the current season and our aesthetic.

What inspires you?

Mainly, we’re inspired by seasonal color palettes and natural materials that brands have recently brought back. From garment dyes to seeded slub yarned products, we can find so many uses for materials like those and the wide range of ideas you can come up with, especially in spring.


Where do you see Two Inch Cuffs going in the next year? The next 5 years?

Next year, we wouldn’t mind stepping into more trade shows and continuing our collaboration program with ‘The Cuff Shop’. We have progressed rapidly and want to keep the momentum going, but with a realistic pace now that we’re in the market. 5 years from now, a brick-and-mortar shop would be a focus of ours and perhaps doing some pop-up shops overseas.

Are there people or companies that you look up to?

We don’t really think of any companies like a big brother, but we do appreciate brands like Todd Snyder, Farm Tactics, Gitman Vintage, Tender Co. and Alden. We’re all about putting quality first.

What can people expect to find when they visit your space at Confirmed Stock?

People can expect to find a comfortable and modern Cuff Shop space at Confirmed Stock. We’ll be pulling plenty of our California coastline inspiration from our workshop and embedding it into our space for visitors to experience.

What’s one thing every man should know about buying clothing and related goods?

Good things don’t come cheap. We pride ourselves on quality goods and the story that comes with them. Every man should buy items that will give him more wear and diversity within his wardrobe.

What’s your favorite article of clothing that you own?

Ruben H., Creative Director: I just picked up a pair of Jack Spade selvedge jeans and they really wear nicely. Whether I throw on some brown wingtips or oiled leather chukkas, they look great. Denim is one item that I’m very particular about.

The images seen here are part of Two Inch Cuffs’ fantastic new lookbook. See the rest at twoinchcuffs.com and in-person on April 28th.

Photos Courtesy of Two Inch Cuffs and Aysia Steib

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