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  1. Recap
    The first Confirmed Stock, held on April 28, 2012 at the 2640 Space, was a huge success. Thanks to the 18 amazing brands that were part of it and the hundreds of folks who came out to shop and hang. Stay tuned for an update from us on Confirmed Stock #2.

  2. Brand Profile: Federal
    – A few months ago on a trip to DC, I had the chance to stop by the District's newest (and I'd say best) menswear store, Federal. Everything about Federal feels right from the moment you walk in the door.

  3. Brand Profile: Mister Crow
    — “I just want to keep creating good things for interesting people.” One of the best parts of organizing this first Confirmed Stock has been all of the great conversations I’ve had with the amazing people behind these brands. And even among all these interesting stories, the tale of Mister Crow stands out as truly different. Located [...]

  4. Brand Profile: CXXVI
    – Back in January when we first putting the lineup together, CXXVI was one of the very first brands to say yes. They had little more to go on than our teaser video and an email from me, but they almost immediately replied that they would "absolutely love to be part of this." And to be honest, that was the first time I knew that this thing was viable. If a brand like CXXVI wanted in, why couldn't this thing work?

  5. Brand Profile: Jack Robie
    — “Jack Robie embodies American cool and charisma with a sense of style that is classic and sophisticated.” Jack Robie shirts really stood out to us, not just for their classic style, but for their impeccable fit and attention to detail. Their latest collection, just released this week, continues to build Jack Robie’s reputation as [...]

  6. Brand Profile: Lumina Clothing
    – Way back in February of 2011 when Confirmed Stock was just an idea -- when it didn't even have a name -- Barton at Lumina Clothing was one of the first people to believe in it. In fact, having Lumina here in Baltimore was part of the reason I wanted to do this. I had recently purchased one of their ties and I loved it.

  7. Brand Profile: Almanac Industries
    — “We started Almanac Industries out of an urge to make things with our hands. And make them well.” Despite the focus of our recent brand profiles, Confirmed Stock isn’t just about menswear. It’s also about skilled craftspeople making things from hand. The duo behind Almanac Industries works with both bookbinding and letterpress to create [...]

  8. Brand Profile: Ruell and Ray
    — Dead stock is fabric that is no longer in production. We do this for two main reasons: to make our footprint on the environment smaller and to deliver a truly exclusive product to our clients. In recent months, we’ve been seeing Ruell and Ray pop up all over the place. And when we found out [...]

  9. Brand Profile: Two Inch Cuffs
    In the past month, Two Inch Cuffs has evolved from a lifestyle inspiration site to include a full online shopping experience. Who is Two Inch Cuffs? We'll let them tell you in their own words.

  10. Brand Profile: Randolph Engineering
    This year, Randolph Engineering celebrates its 40th anniversary. How does a brand remain relevant and successful over such a long period of time? If you're Randolph Engineering, you do it by producing the highest quality products possible while delivering stellar customer service each and every day. We had the pleasure of chatting with Mary Waszkiewicz for more on the history and future of this iconic American brand.

Entry No 20

Chris Walbert


The first Confirmed Stock, held on April 28, 2012 at the 2640 Space, was a huge success. Thanks to the 18 amazing brands that were part of it and the hundreds of folks who came out to shop and hang. Stay tuned for an update from us on Confirmed Stock #2.

Confirmed Stock: Entrance & Setup
Confirmed Stock: Opening View, Federal
Confirmed Stock: Lumina Setup, Corter Station & Greenwich Vintage
Confirmed Stock: The Crowd, The Venue & Hellbrand Leatherworks
Confirmed Stock: CXXVI
Confirmed Stock: Two Inch Cuffs & Crowd, Shopping Almanac
Confirmed Stock: Greenwich Vintage, Ball and Buck, Lumina
Confirmed Stock: Corter Leather
Confirmed Stock: Cause & Effect aka Billy Belts, Ruell & Ray
Confirmed Stock: Almanac Industries
Confirmed Stock: Randolph Engineering
Photos Courtesy of Ben Hughes, Jess Norris and Julianne Hamilton

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Entry No 4

The (first) Confirmed Nine
Chris Walbert


We here at Confirmed Stock have been working hard to not only make this event a reality, but to make it an awesome day for Baltimore, the brands, and everyone who comes out. To that end, we’re extremely excited to share two huge announcements with you today. First, the inaugural Confirmed Stock will happen April 28, 2012 at the 2640 Space from 11 am–5 pm. If you’ve ever been to 2640, you know how amazing this place is. We feel very fortunate to be able to hold the event there. Second, we are beyond excited to announce our first nine confirmed brands.

Almanac Industries / Ball and Buck / Blue Claw Co. / Corter Leather / CXXVI / Federal Store / Fischer Clothing / Lumina Clothing / Sandtown Millworks

Click on each of their links to get a better view of what it is they do. We also hope to profile each brand before the event so you can fully understand what makes these companies so great. For those of us in Baltimore, these brands are really only available online. Confirmed Stock will be a time to see first-hand the craftsmanship that goes into creating their amazing products, to meet the men and women behind these brands, and to hang out with like-minded folks. We truly cannot thank you all enough for your enthusiasm and support in helping us promote this event. We want April 28 to be an amazing day in Baltimore, and we’ll need your help to make that happen. So bring your friends, your significant other (there’ll be fun stuff for them, too), your co-workers, your dad, and anyone else who appreciates quality American craftsmanship. We can’t wait to see you on April 28.
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Entry No 2

Thoughtful, not Conspicuous, Consumption
Chris Walbert


I want to set something straight from the outset, because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Confirmed Stock is not about conspicuous consumption. It’s not about buying stuff you don’t need. What it is about, at least in part, is being thoughtful and mindful of what you’re purchasing, where it comes from, and who’s behind it. We’re all constantly bombarded by marketing messages pushing us to buy low-quality, largely-disposable, things we don’t need. And acting on these messages is now easier than ever. Confirmed Stock is not about converting quick sales. We’re here to make the case for why, if these brands sell something you need, you should consider patronizing them. Even if you find something you really want or need to buy, consider it carefully. Purchasing one thing always means going without something else. In the age of credit cards, debit cards and direct deposit, we sometimes forget this. We’ve been detached from our money, so we feel frivolous spending less than we used to. And that makes this idea of mindful spending even more important and necessary.
Confirmed Stock: ConsumptionWe’ll shortly be rolling out a series of profiles on brands we feel are deserving of your consideration. We’re not spending the time to do this because we have any agenda or ulterior motive. We’re doing this because it’s important to us and we want to help others spend more thoughtfully.
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